• The largest network of radios

    MyTuner has over 30,000 radio stations in 120 countries and
    counting. Don't miss out on the change to be part of our radio community from all over the globe.

  • On desktop and on all your devices

    Enjoy myTuner Radio on your Mac, iPhone, iPod, iPad, and
    Android devices.

  • Enjoy the pleasure
    of discovery

    Find out what's new and what's hot. Indulge
    your passion for music by discovering radio
    stations from all over the world.

  • Other features

    Keep yourself up to date

    Keep up to date with the latest music novelties with myTuner Radio. myTuner brings you the latest news about your favorite artists, bands, DJs, cool events, and happenings.

    Widen your experience

    Record and save music that plays on your favorite stations, so you can listen to each individual song later. Plus, share the stations you’re listening to with your friends through Facebook.

    Music, podcasts and radio stations, all in one app

    Who said you can't have it all? With myTuner you have it all in one app ‐ a vast list of radio stations, tops (that let you know the music hits in any country and listen to a sample of it) and interesting and cool podcasts waiting to be discovered!